My living room mural

29 09 2008

My living room mural is almost finished. I really like it. I painted it for my girlfriend Claudia. I’m working on another mural in my office space. Pics coming soon.


I met Obama wearing my picpoket_77 hoody!

28 09 2008

I met Obama! Crazy and wore my blue picpoket_77 hoody! Short story, on Sun, Aug 17, I had a one and a million chance to work for a new pilot show George Lopez is producing. I got the gig because my friend Jacob couldn’t make it, thanks Jake! I met George Lopez, great guy, humble and cool. We setup the shoot at the Fairmont Hotel, where Obama planned to speak at a fundraiser later that afternoon. George was shooting a promo for a new show that included Obama, the shit was funny. Less than 5 min Obama was in and out but before he left I managed to get a picture with him. The reason the quality is low is because my good digi cam’s battery ran out when I was going to take the picture with Obama. Another crew member used his cell phone to take the picture you see below. The experience was cool and unreal. Viva Obama! Go out and vote!

The picpoket got covered, but it's to my left over my heart.

This is the good quality digi cam shot I got before my battery went dead.

2 Chicanos from East Los

2 Chicanos from East Los. picpoket_77 hoody playing the video. Viva Obama!

My latest YBCA BAN 5 interview

26 09 2008

Chasing Whales

26 09 2008

Claudia and I drove down to Pacifica to try to catch some whales pass by but we didn’t see any. Instead we enjoyed the sound of the ocean and the beautiful sunset.

On the pier in Pacifica looking for whales

On the pier in Pacifica looking for whales

Claudia made a friend but it didn’t want to shake hands.

Beauty and the bird

Beauty and the bird