Everyone has a story. What’s yours? doc_life is a video production service that produces creative personal documentaries. I shoot, edit, and author a DVD that captures your life through your own documentary. It’s great for birthdays, family archives, or personal time capsules. I’m interested in telling your story and look forward to meeting with you.

1. Meet with you to discuss your film proposal.

2. Set a production schedule to document your story.
3. Research.
4. Document your story.
5. Edit your story into a personal documentary.
6. Author your personal documentary onto DVD.
7. You love it and share it with friends and family.

Why did you create this service?

I created this service because there was a moment in my life that I wanted to document through a creative short documentary. So on my 29th birthday I got my brother to film me to test out this idea. I plan on producing one every year and look forward to viewing them in the future.

The idea of a personal documentary is not so unusual. It’s another way to celebrate and preserve your life. My documentary process is simple and creative. You choose the subject and we discuss with you a variety of approaches that will tell your story.

This is not for everyone, but I think if you’re reading this you’d agree with me that to have a personal documentary would become a treasure to enjoy and pass down to your family for years to come.


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