picpoket™ c/s


SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. – May 14, 2008 – Bay Area multimedia company chueco_77 c/s today unveiled details of the first products to be released under the picpoket™ c/s brand. Developed around the idea of merging technology and art into a portable, wearable unit, picpoket™ creates new ways for consumers to connect and share experiences through pictures and video embedded into the clothing itself. Picpoket’s underlying principle of community connection through art resonates in its premier product, the picpoket™ hoodie.

“As a filmmaker and media artist I’ve always sought out new technologies and new ways to present them,” said founder Isaías D. Rodríguez. “The first time I saw the video IPod, one of my very first thoughts was, ‘How can I wear this?’ People thought I was crazy! But the response to our first run of picpoket™ hoodies has been overwhelming. For the first time, I could wear the images and videos I wanted – it wasn’t up to the corporations to decide for me. I’d found creative expression for the digital generation, and by popular demand I created picpoket™ c/s.”

The picpoket™ Experience
picpoket™ brand clothing includes sweatshirts, track jackets, outerwear and accessories custom-built with an open window that secures the outward-facing pockets. These pockets are compatible with Apple video playing IPods.

Every picpoket™ creates and opportunity for community connection through art. By simply changing the video or still art on the IPod screen, consumers can instantly customize their at-the-moment experience to others around them. Users are encouraged to explore the idea of wearable art as communication tools, conversation starters, idea generators, and even marketing ads. With picpoket™, the uses are as infinite as imaginations of the people wearing it.

picpoket™ makes it easy for consumers to express themselves in a forward, yet simple, way. To get started, you download the video or slideshows onto your Nan IPod, program it to loop, press play and wear it. picpoket™ customization is as easy as download, play and wear.

About picpoket™ c/s
picpoket™ c/s is an apparel design company founded Bay Area filmmaker, multimedia artist and arts advocate Isaías D. Rodríguez. The picpoket™ experience includes the ability to display wearable, custom videos and artwork, enabling users to build community through art. Inspired by the merging of traditional art and new technology, picpoket™ helps users communicate and engage with the public and with one another. picpoket@gmail.com.


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